June’s Growing Ability Blog

The Growing Ability allotment is currently a hive of activity! As we transition between seasons, we have been reflecting on what we have enjoyed over the last three months, what we haven’t, and what we would like to do now. At this potent time of year in terms of growing, projects that are beginning include … Read more

Meadow Planting at the Triangle Garden 14th April

volunteers planting wildflowers in the meadow

by volunteer and DofE student Edward: On this day of volunteering lots of work was finished. The weather was sunny and mild which was perfect for doing work but attracted many hoverflies. Some of the work that was completed was the planting of wildflowers. 400 small wildflower plants had been grown from seed by members … Read more

Eager Beavers

child walking along a log

Here, Mel Coath (of the Triangle Garden events team and Hitchin Nature Network) describes our latest adventures in nature with a group of Hitchin Beavers: ‘It was a sunny March evening and sixteen excited 6-8 year olds had just buzzed into the Triangle Garden chattering away. “Don’t just talk at them” my wise friend advised … Read more

How to Take the Jump and End Clutter!

lots of devices cluttering up a table

Now that Marie Kondo has renounced her special brand of tidiness for a slightly more relaxed approach to family life (on the arrival of her third child), we can all feel a little less anxious about holding on to things. Because holding on to things that still function, rather than swapping them up for the … Read more

My Duke of Edinbourgh volunteering at the Triangle Garden

volunteers pruning the apple trees

by Edward “On Sundays each month at the Triangle Community Garden anyone can take part in volunteering to take care of the garden. Here are some examples of jobs to do at the garden in March 2024. Here some volunteers pruned an apple tree in the community garden. They spent about one hour and a … Read more

Why not take the jump and ‘Dress Retro’!

What we wear means a lot to us, whether we love fashion or not. Even those who only wear things for practicality, have taken a conscious decision somewhere along the line to eschew trends and go minimal. Throughout history and across the world, clothing is more than just a way of keeping warm or protected. … Read more

Will you take the jump and ‘holiday local’ this year?

Tobermory, Mull

Planning a holiday? How much do you know about the impact of your plans? and how much do you want to know? Recently I’ve been taking time to explore places nearer to home, in the realisation that in over 60 years there were countless places in the UK that I’d never visited. Until 2022, I’d … Read more

Will you Take the Jump with us in 2024!?

Are you ready for a reset? Feeling you want to live a more balanced life but not knowing where to start? We have something we’d like to share with you. It’s an initiative called Take the Jump. And we love it! We love the fact that it has such a positive vibe – that it … Read more

Compostables – yay? or nay?

It was great to have Plastic Free Hitchin at our event on Sunday 10th and we reinforced the anti-disposable message by asking people to bring their own cup (for which they received a 20p discount on drinks from Cafe2U) and a handful of people did remember to do this. We provided three types of bin … Read more