Our vision

A community where people feel happier and more fulfilled through a connection with the natural world and an understanding of our place in it.

Our mission

Helping people of all ages and abilities lead more fulfilling lives, through community gardening and contact with the natural world. We do this through:

  • Supporting physical and mental health through our social therapeutic horticulture, healthy living and wellbeing projects
  • Volunteering opportunities for all ages
  • Community events, forest school activities, wildlife walks and workshops

Our values

  • Connect – bringing people together through gardening and nature
  • Grow – helping people to develop and learn by sowing the seeds of interest in a healthier and more sustainable world
  • Enjoy – making lives better – with a smile!
  • Respect – caring for our planet and valuing people for who they are and what they do.

Annual Reviews

Current and previous annual reviews: