June’s Growing Ability Blog

The Growing Ability allotment is currently a hive of activity! As we transition between seasons, we have been reflecting on what we have enjoyed over the last three months, what we haven’t, and what we would like to do now. At this potent time of year in terms of growing, projects that are beginning include the construction of our new Hugel Kultur bed (hu-gul-culture!) This technique involves layering branches, leaves, cardboard, straw, manure, compost, grass clippings, topping with soil and planting your veggies. The gradual decay of wood provides a consistent source of long-term nutrients. We are also enthused by the idea that the logs and branches will act like sponge and absorb rainwater to be released during dryer times.

We have been making some gorgeous wooden herb planters which we will be selling on our new regular stall at the allotments on the first Thursday of every month. This has been a really fun team building activity from the measuring of the wood to using the saw, drill, and driver to construct the finished products and of course, planting them up! The construction and finished products are a source of much pride. We have sown the seeds we chose on our garden centre trip and are gradually planting them out and are also planning our future trip to Cambridge Botanical Gardens at the end of the month. As we plan for and enter the growing season, the discussions around what we have done provide a lovely reminder of all of the special moments we have experienced together and the people we have met along the way including Martin, who helped us “Wassail” our apple orchard in the forest garden and Kate, who introduced us to willow weaving. In terms of cooking; nettle soup and mustard garlic pesto were a hit, the dandelion cordial was met with a little more trepidation.

Next month I’ll recount our much awaited trip to Cambridge Botanical Gardens and in the meantime, do pop by for our produce stall on Thursday 6th June (13.00-14.00). We are excited to share some of our crafts and produce with you!