My Duke of Edinbourgh volunteering at the Triangle Garden

by Edward

“On Sundays each month at the Triangle Community Garden anyone can take part in volunteering to take care of the garden. Here are some examples of jobs to do at the garden in March 2024. Here some volunteers pruned an apple tree in the community garden. They spent about one hour and a half.

This volunteer (right) divided snowdrops across the community garden so that next year they can grow more evenly across the place.

Due to the rotten weather the ground was muddy so the path was mulched to prevent people who walk through the garden from getting muddy.

There was also a new path forming from people walking beside the river which was dangerous, so some logs were placed on it as well as Midwinter Fire cuttings that will continue to block the path.

A month later on April 14th wildflowers that have been donated [and grown from seed] will be planted in front of the community and forest garden.”

Thanks for your help Edward!