Pond Dipping to go ahead despite havoc wreaked by Storm Doris!

Next Saturday 20th May will be our annual pond-dipping and mini-beast safari event – a family-friendly wildlife discovery session led by two of our lovely Triangle Garden volunteers Tillie and Rachel.

Until last week we were unsure whether the event would be able to take place as storm Doris had caused a willow to fall across our maze and into the pond. We’re delighted to report that North Herts District Council have had the tree removed last week and now all that remains is for us to remove the tree debris and other litter that has been accumulating in the pond since then.

Our Friday Garden Club volunteers will attempt to clear all this out next Friday and we hope this will render the pond ready for dipping on the 20th. If by any chance the pond is still unsuitable for dipping come Saturday, Tillie and Rachel will organise a clear tank full of pond life that can be viewed by participants – which will be almost as good. There will of course be lots of mini-beast activities to interest participants too.

We’d like to say a big thank you to NHDC for arranging the removal of the fallen tree.