Meet William Crump, Annie Elizabeth and Adams Pearmain at this year’s Apple Day

All the big names in the apple world were on display at our Apple Day in Hitchin town centre on 17th October, together with a mouth-watering selection of pears and quinces.

From traditional varieties like William Crump, Charles Ross, Howgate Wonder and Blenheim Orange, to modern apples such as Winter Gem, Hereford Russet, Saturn and Rubinette, our stalls were overflowing with local fruit, grown at Cam Valley Orchards. All the varieties were available to taste as well as buy – from Ashmead’s Kernel, with its distinctive pear-drop flavour, to the unusual Pitmaston Pineapple – a very small variety with a fragrant, almost tropical taste.

As well as apples we also had our very own Triangle Garden Apple Juice on sale – made from Triangle Garden apples, supplemented by apples from local gardens. It comes in two flavours: fruity and dry, and is still available to buy – just follow the link above for details.

Continuing the apple theme, we laid on some new games and crafty activities this year to engage kids in the foodie fun: apple balancing (our version of stone balancing) proved very popular, as did making apple monsters from real fruit, pipe-cleaners, feathers, etc. 

An array of local seasonal food stalls completed the apple day festival, with Wobbly Bottom Goats Cheese, Buzzworks, North Herts Bee Keepers, Humbers Homemade Preserves, and, to remind us of the importance of our environment: Friends of the Earth. This year we were also joined by CookeryEatery offering exciting appley treats for children to create and eat.

If you’d like to help us with events such as apple day in future, or you know of a stall that would fit with the seasonal local food theme, do get in touch.