Hallowe’en Fun at the Ghostly Garden

The Triangle Garden took on a decidly ghoulish aspect this Hallowe’en to the delight and dread of the youngest members of the local community.

As darkness fell over Hitchin on All Hallows Eve, our annual pumpkin lantern procession began to follow its hooded leader around Ransoms Rec, accompanied by the haunting sound of folkoric drumming. When the procession approached the Triangle Garden, its way got darker and darker until from under the pitch black shadow of the lime trees, it broke through the rent shrouds covering the garden’s pergolas into the central meeting space, to be surrounded by scary mask-faced lanterns and evil-looking ghosts hovering beneath the trees. Before reaching the open safety of the Rec, the procession had to pass through the gnarly old willow arch, while flickering eyes looked down from its twisted branches.

Having reached the Pavilion at last, the hungry hoards of mini ghosts, ghouls and monsters that formed the procession fell upon the spooky snacks and toasted marshmallows provided, and queued up for ghastly renditions of horrible poems in the spookily decked-out Pavilion workshop. 

Lots of fun was had by all and the event was much appreciated by young and old, judging by the feedback on the night, and the generous donations from participants, which came to over £100.

As always we’re really grateful for all the help given by our ‘skeleton team’ of volunteers who spent time making spooky stuff, dressing the garden and pavilion, not to mention manning the various attractions on the night. This is a really fun event to put on – especially now that we have a ‘no naked flame’ policy and can sleep easy in the run up! We are always overjoyed to be offered help with all aspects of this event: from making decorations, to dressing the garden, manning the brazier, serving refreshments and even reading scary poems. If you’d be up for helping we’d love to hear from you!