New Timber Pergolas Transform our Treasured Space

The pergolas are now up at the Triangle Garden, transforming the refurbished meeting space and giving it a real sense of scale and structure. As well as acting as entrance points to the space, they provide a framework on which to grow a host of flowering climbers, providing nectar and pollen for bees, and a feast for the senses of people walking through. And finally, not to miss a function that vertical posts can provide, the pergolas will support a number of information boards telling people what’s happening at the garden and how they can help pollinators in their own gardens. 

Special thanks go to McCarthy Landscapes for the skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail in erecting the pergolas and laying the new paving. Now that the area has been refurbished, we will be able to use the space as an outdoor classroom, with students seated on the oak sleeper edges to the raised beds, and given shelter by our new temporary waterproof shade sail, which will be erected when needed.

We hope our funders, Groundwork, will be pleased with how we have spent their money, when they come to our special opening ceremony and birthday celebrations on 17th July.