Kicking in the Leaves

This week’s guest blog is by Holly, one of our Growing Ability gardeners.

‘I’ve been making artwork using leaves, I made a leaf wreath and I have used all sorts of leaves with different autumn colours. The colours are around us now; I can see the bright colours; green, reds, orange, yellow and dark colours; brown. The brown leaves are more crispy.

Today I found a skeleton  leaf. My favourite…

I have had fun kicking the leaves; it bought back memories of being a young kid. It made me feel happy; I really enjoyed it when I ran into a pile of freshly raked leaves and kicked them all over. It reminded me of being a kid. Today we will have soup in a mug after raking the leaves. I’ve been looking forward to this. This year we have noticed that leaves have turned later. We will watch and note the last leaves to drop.’

Thanks Holly for these lovely memories of autumn and your beautiful artwork!