Garden Club in May

Activity continues in the Forest and Community Gardens to help plants and shrubs recover from the long period during lockdown when it was not possible for the volunteers to work. More membrane has been removed in the Forest Garden to give the rhubarb and day lilies chance to spread and thrive, and the currants (pictured above) have been thoroughly weeded, opening them up to the light and air. The Cercis (Judas Tree) is nearly in flower with a touch of colour coming through. Recent sunshine and rain will encourage it to burst into bloom during the next few days. In the Community Garden Honesty and Periwinkle add sparks of colour to the fresh green of new foliage.

On plot 5a we were lucky to inherit a small pond from the previous tenant which during the summer months is surrounded by flowers, the dry period in April led to the water level dropping and sadly a hedgehog was found drowned. Understandably this led to a feeling of guilt and a sense that our responsibility for the wildlife that is attracted to the plot needs to be taken seriously. To ensure this never happens again a plank of wood with raised wooden strips has been placed in the pond. This will enable any creature to access water and safely return to the ground.

Some of the woad plants are now planted out on 5a, heritage varieties of carrots including Harlequin Mixed and Deep Purple have been sown and the baby Pak Choi from the polytunnel is fending for itself in the great outdoors – see pics below. The next couple of weeks will see the bean frame constructed and many more vegetables and herbs planted out in anticipation of future harvests.

Thanks to Gill Martin for this blog post.