Climate Blog – food – I need your help!

Last month we looked at holiday travel, this month I’d like to devote to actions to reduce your carbon footprint around food. But for this I’m going to need your help!

I’d like to gather together lots of useful resources that people find helpful on the following topics:

  • reducing meat and dairy in your diet without going full-on vegan – what are your tips and best recipe sites?
  • food waste and how to minimise it eg shopping tips, useful habits to get into, storage tips, leftover recipe websites, etc
  • cooking and preparing food in an economical energy-saving way 
  • reducing and re-using packagingLess Waste Hitchin is a great resource for this! 
  • avoiding ‘carbon-heavy’ food such as air-freighted produce and hot-housed winter-grown veg

So please look out for and respond to Triangle Garden posts on social media on these topics in the next week or so, or drop me an email with your suggestions. Thanks!

While we’re eagerly awaiting all your lovely ideas, why not have a go at our climate change quiz! – which may also test your knowledge on that last topic… what exactly is a ‘carbon-heavy’ food…?

Good luck!