All Quizzed Out!

Last Friday the Triangle Garden held its first proper Quiz Night

I say proper because when we were a very small band of volunteers in the noughties, we did hold a couple of what you might term  ‘improper’ quiz nights. There were so few of us that we couldn’t afford to hire a hall, so we held the quiz in someone’s house and each person had to both write a round and participate in the quiz. This meant that each round had to be in a separate room so we were all trouping up and down the hallway every 5 minutes, and due to our inexperience in quiz setting there were some hilariously difficult rounds including one on obscure local garden history which nobody could answer! But it was a lot of fun and we raised about £50 (we probably could have raised more by not holding the quiz and donating what we’d spent on alcohol for the evening instead – but it wouldn’t have been as much fun).

This year we have come to fully appreciate the awesome quizmastery skills and organisational unflappability of our new events coordinator Brigid Bassindale! I don’t think any of us could quite believe her claim to enjoying writing and setting quizzes until we saw her in action on Friday night… and the feedback we have had has been brilliant. Inevitably there were losers as well as winners – and there were definitely some tricky questions especially in the connections round – but all in all everyone seemed to have a very enjoyable and stimulating evening.

Big thanks go to all who helped out, including our barmaids Karen and Yolanda, Brigid and her sons, to Walsworth Community Centre for the use of their venue, to Town Fryer for the fish and chip suppers, and to all you lovely quizzers for buying tickets and drinks and helping us raise £550! Not bad for a first effort!

Vicky Wyer