Scrumping for Fun

Last weekend a group of Triangle Garden volunteers went scrumping (by invitiation) to a small orchard in Old Knebworth belonging to a Triangle Garden supporter. We spent almost two hours there and picked a car-load of apples for juicing. The party included two very young children who enjoyed pushing wheelbarrows of apples around and fetching more boxes for us to fill.

In all we must have picked about 250 kilos of apples which will make about 250 bottles of juice. The apples have now been delivered to the juicers in Chesham and will be collected in a few days, all pressed, pasteurised, bottled and labelled, ready for us to sell at Apple Day on 15th October.

Last year’s apple collection made 770 bottles of juice over the month of September, and over the last year made over £600 for our Growing Ability project. We hope to make even more this year – if you have surplus unbruised apples to donate, please deliver them to us in cardboard boxes to 74 Strathmore Avenue Hitchin SG5 1ST or 23 Priory Way Hitchin SG4 9BJ. The next and final collection is 30 Sept – 2 October. Many thanks.