Hedge Laying Workshop

January 31st was Hedge Laying Day at the Triangle Garden and we’ve made a film about it! With help from David Cannon of the Countryside Management Service, and a bunch of willing volunteers, we spent the day laying the westerly section of our native mixed hedge.

Hedgelaying is a traditional treatment that was used in the past to make hedges ‘stock-proof’. What typically happens as hedges grow is that all the new growth comes from the top third, leaving the ‘legs’ of the hedge bare, allowing sheep and cows to get through.

While livestock security isn’t an issue at the Triangle Garden, we did have a hedge that was getting ever higher and harder to trim, and we like the idea of keeping traditional skills alive. After all, fuel for hedgetrimmers may be in short supply one day.

Please have a look at the short film below, made by one of our Garden Club volunteers, Alan Hodgson, showing how we got on…