From small things, big things one day come!

This year our Growing Ability Projects entered a Christmas tree into the Holy Saviour Christmas Tree Festival in Hitchin (12/13th December). There were 50 trees displayed around the beautiful church and the overall effect was spectacular. 

Our inspiration for this year’s entry was our own wonderful Triangle Garden mosaic which was created by community members under the guidance and support of Jane Visick, local mosaic artist.

The Growing Ability gardeners spent the last few weeks carefully creating intricate mosaic designs from seeds of all colours and sizes. Seeds were used to represent growing, and in particular, the healthy foods grown and used in our projects. The pumpkin seeds used were from a pumpkin grown by one of our gardeners.

Our overall aim was to realise the value of small things that, when put together, can create something greater than the sum of its parts. This was realised through each tiny seed laid to make the individual decorations, which were then used to make the whole tree beautiful. Each tree in the festival made up the spectacular display which gave so much joy to the whole community of which we are a part.

The seed mosaic decorations depicted the wildlife found at the Triangle Garden and on our allotments: birds, bees, butterflies, hedgehogs, etc as well as the odd teddy and snowman to keep with the festive spirit.  The effect was a lovely natural sight amid all the traditional Christmas colours. More detailed photos of all the different decorations can be found on Facebook (posted on 13th December).

We were all so proud of the work put in by every single member of the Growing Ability Projects and are now starting to think of ideas for next year’s entry. 

This was the 19th year of the Holy Saviour Christmas Tree Festival and the organisers estimate that in the region of 2,500 visitors passed through their doors over the Festival weekend. I urge anyone who has not been to the event before to mark it in their diaries for next year.

Liz McElroy, Project Manager