We review the new edition of ‘Apples: a Field Guide’

We have a limited number of these beautiful and informative ‘apple bibles’ available for purchase. Please read Vicky Wyer’s review on these wonderful books below:

My original copy of ‘Apples a Field Guide’ has been a well loved and well thumbed source of interest and information on all aspects of apples for me, since I bought it from the author Michael Clark around the time of the Triangle Garden’s first Apple Day back in October 2003.

Mike has now produced a revised version, with more apples featured, and full colour hand-painted illustrations of each apple listed. The book is intended to help identify that unknown apple growing in your garden or in the park; to help you choose which variety to plant whether it be one, two or even an orchard – and encourage the planting of apple trees wherever there is space for them. 

There is advice on all the mysteries of apple growing: rootstocks, propagation, pruning, etc, but the main body of the book depicts 145 of the most popular types of apple; a whole page for each variety – giving history, details of flavour and texture, special requirements or characteristics and uses, plus information on flowering time, pollination group, harvesting season and storage.

Apple trees make a wonderful addition to a garden, whatever its size. They provide beauty in their blossoms as well as food for us, and there is also a surplus for wildlife which live in and around their fruit and shade. If you’re thinking of planting an apple tree, this book tells you all you need to know.

‘What a splendid book this is, a rare treat, long overdue,’ said Peter Waine, Chairman of Brogdale Horticultural Trust where over 2,500 types of apple are included in the national fruit collection. He was then commenting on the original version, but I have no doubt that he’d be even more impressed by the new edition.

How to buy: please contact Vicky Wyer to order your copy. The books cost £25 and can be picked up from our apple juice pick-up points: 74 Strathmore Avenue, SG5 1ST or 23 Priory Way, SG4 9BJ, once payment has been recieved.

If you buy through us a proportion of the profit will go to the Triangle Garden.